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PEACE LEAGUE AFRICA is an international organization registered with NGOs Board in Kenya. We undertake Peace and development activities to better the lives of Kenyans and the entire world by alleviating poverty through peace programs, education, health care, environmental care, food security and advocacy for self sufficiency especially among the youths, through youth empowerment programs. Our offices are situated at Kenda House 4th Floor Nairobi.


We saw the need to change and adapt to new ways of peace creation and restoration to avoid losing men and women due to recurring conflicts which can be avoided through sensitization and education. We aim at creating awareness to all Kenyans on importance of peace . The advancement of technology, cyber cafes, and computers at homes is exposing the youth to conflict and without an interfaith peace oriented organization there remain to be a big gap.


  • Holding seminars periodically on current matters affecting the youth.
  • Offer more guidance on career choices in perspective of peace.
  • Have professional counselors to help victims who need counseling e.g. drugs, early pregnancies, conflict etc.
  • To be able to organize peace rallies during school holidays and teaching them.
  • Peace Symposium once or twice monthly for women,men,youth,leadrers on matters related to peace.
  • Participating in local and international peace processes and activities.
  • Achievements.

    For the past 10 years peace league Africa has host youth seminars since 2010 during school holidays in December. It started as an empowerment idea to youth . The main aim was empowering our youth in matters concerning their lives.Giving the youth opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts in all dimensions. It started with 35 youth. However, the need for the seminar was very high during December holidays and that is when we saw the need of registering the organization and try acquire own premises. The benefit of the camps were that youth benefited from different lectures from different Sheikhs, pastors and scholars. They also learn life skills from different counselors. Some reformed from drug addiction, lesbianism, alcoholism, and many other maladaptive behaviors. We have also had 3 workshops in three regions Nairobi,Mombasa and Embu where men and women gathered with leaders to discuss peace process.

    What We Do

    1. Engage youths in gainful activities such as learning new skills to enable them start income generating activities, in a more appealing, accommodative environment
    2. Sensitizing them on importance of peace in their daily lives and counsel them on evils of drug and substance abuse, immorality etc
    3. Emphasize the importance of honest ways to earn a living and the need to make them understand that success should not come at the expense of peace.
    4. Create a platform for women and gender concernees to express their views and share their experiences, articulate their concerns about wide range of crucial issues on gender and related and learn skills to overcome obstacles.
    5. Improve youth /women’s capacities, skills and self confidence in building their marriages and the society, thereby alleviating poverty.
    6. Holding seminars periodically on current matters affecting the youth.
    7. Offer more guidance on career choices in perspective of peace.


    Peace League Africa.
    This organisation was established by peace activists who work on voluntary basis.


    Our offices are situated at Kenda House 4th Floor Nairobi. Our offices are open for all individuals and cooperates for all services related to peace.


    Our Recent Projects.

    We are currently have a peace programme at IQRA FM on 95.1 every Sunday and feeding programme of the streets kids every weekend. Since March 2020 our members have been regular panelists on Al Huda TV programme popularly known as Nasaha Kwa Ummah Show (Advice to all).

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    Dr. Hassan Kinyua Omari

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    Get in touch and let's help the needy and promote peace. 0722375611/0713768859

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