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Forum recommends Interfaith dialogue be included in school curriculum

Aug 24, 2022 09:53:11 AM

Education stakeholders have been urged to review the basic education curriculum in view incorporating interfaith


Additionally, institutions of higher learning should prioritize interfaith dialogue in their programs.

These were among several recommendations by participants to the Human Fraternity and World Peace: Interfaith Dialogue Symposium organized by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Nairobi.

While emphasizing the role of Interfaith dialogue in promoting peace, it was noted that giving adherents of different religions and cultures an opportunity to learn about “the other” would promote mutual respect and tolerance.

Further, it would also contribute to solving problems of identity and social cohesion by reducing emerging tensions between groups, strengthening communication and promoting mutual respect, community integration and national stability.

Governments were also challenged to include the Islamic understanding and perception of interfaith dialogue in informing the state’s foreign and domestic policies on integration, cohesion and peaceful coexistence.

It was also recommended that similar interfaith symposiums be officially diarized in universities programs.



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