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A peaceful election is the desire for all Kenyans

Aug 24, 2022 06:51:59 AM

The country lost billions of shillings due to the repeat polls which also led to stagnation of the economy and prolonged campaign period.

Raila, who was then the leader of the main opposition coalition, The National Super Alliance (NASA) was sworn in as the “People’s President” three months after he boycotted the presidential election re-run.

The opposition then called for a boycott of products by firms believed to be associated with the Jubilee regime and

NASA also demanded cessation of the Western part of Kenya from the rest of the country.

In order for the IEBC to guarantee Kenyans a free, fair and transparent election as envisaged in the constitution 2010, all the laws governing our elections must be strictly adhered to.

All observers and the media should also be well briefed on the measures put in place to safeguard the transmission of the election results to avert another crisis.

The mission of the IEBC is to “conduct transparent, efficient, and impartial elections; and undertake boundary delimitation for equitable representation and sustainable democracy”.

Kenyans are now watching keenly if the Commission will live to it’s expectations or whether the Chebukati team will bungle the elections once again.

Meanwhile, the Interreligious Council of Kenya has assembled a panel of eminent personalities which is on standby mode for possible mediation-should need arise.

The Interreligious Council of Kenya (IRCK), its Executive Director Abdirahman Ismail has previously said that as religious leaders, they are committed and in the fore front of calling for peaceful, credible and transparent elections. IRCK is also inspiring confidence among Kenyans that election come and pass. Kenya is more important.

“We are also in the process of establishing a panel of prominent religious leaders for mediation and intervention

just in case there is contention over the elections process. These are people who are respected in society and by political actors to be able to do shuttle diplomacy to try to diffuse arising tension,” Abdirahman said.

Peace League Africa (PLA) chaired by Dr Hassan Kinyua has also added its voice for peace during this election. “We should all champion for peace. Voting should not be an emotional affair but rather an objective one.”

“We cannot all agree on candidates. But we all agree that peace must prevail,” he added.

Dr. Hassan also stressed on the need to elect right leaders by saying that people own government and that governments should serve people. But this only happen when they elect right leaders.



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