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Religious leaders urge Kenyans to vote in credible leaders

Aug 24, 2022 08:56:47 AM

Religious leaders have urged voters to be wary of leaders whose promises are not realistic, corrupt or advocating for morals not in line with religious teachings.

This comes as the campaigning period hits the homestretch and eventual voting on August 9.

Religious leaders drawn from the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) chaired by Rev. Martin Kivuva, have appealed to the electorate to vote for leaders who will help stem corruption saying that it is the greatest enemy retarding development in the country.

“Vote in leaders who can be trusted with the management of public coffers and resources. A God-fearing Nation does not praise perpetrators of evil and criminals but condemns them,” they said.

“We want a government that spends on its people through development projects and not officials.”

Anglican Archbishop Rev. Jackson Ole Sapit who joined his predecessor (Rtd) Dr. Eliud Wabukala-who now chairs the

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC); at a function to commemorate the Africa Anti-Corruption Day. He noted with dismay how criminals are being glorified and theft of public resources normalized.

“We have made them heroes and clap for them as they steal our future,” he lamented,” Ole Sapit said. On his part, Dr. Wabukala said that we can prevent a number of corruption cases, unethical conduct and other economic crimes at the

ballot. It is easier and cheaper to prevent corruption by electing leaders of integrity than cure corruption through enforcement Institutions and Courts of Law.

“The decisions that we will make in this election, affect us either positively or negatively including future generations.

If we make right decisions, the future is bright. If we make wrong decisions, the future is bleak,” Ole Sapit stated.

Catholic Archbishop of Nairobi, Phillip Anyolo has also castigated leaders offering populist and empty pledges to Kenyans.

“Politicians want Kenyans to believe that life will start afresh after the polls and that things will suddenly become


He challenged candidates to tell Kenyans the strategy they intend to use to address debt repayment and management of resources to improve the welfare of citizenry



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